Friday, December 24, 2010

EFX Signature Helmet Auction Complete!

EFX Signature Helmet sells for $15,100.00! Total raised for the Make A Wish Foundation is $65,250.00!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Auction Alert!

The auction for the EFX Signature Helmet will begin 9am PST, 14 December 2010 and end 20 December. You can find the auction at

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last Helmet!!! EFX Signature Helmet

EFX has donated the last helmet for the project. This helmet was not at the live auction because it was still in the process of being signed.
This helmet has been signed by the following...

George Lucas
Mark Hamill - Luke Skywalker
Carrie Fisher - Princess Leia
Harrison Ford - Han Solo
Billy Dee Williams - Lando Calrissian
David Prowse - Darth Vader
James Earl Jones - Voice of Darth Vader
Anthony Daniels - C-3PO
Kenny Baker - R2-D2
Peter Mayhew - Chewbacca
Jeremy Bulloch - Boba Fett
Frank Oz - Puppeteer/Voice of Yoda
Warwick Davis - Wicket (Ewok)
Gary Kurtz - Producer: Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
John Williams - Compose/Conductor
Lawrence Kasdan - Writer: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Irvin Kershner - Director: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The auction will be held on Ebay starting on December 14, 2010.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Were not done yet...........

Just when you thought we were done with the project, well were not! We have one more special helmet that we will be donating to Make A Wish. Due to a vacation, the helmet did not make it to C5. This last helmet will be auctioned off by Make A Wish as soon as I get it to them. I cant tell you what the helmet is, but i can tell you, it will be the a one of a kind bucket! Stay tuned for details!!!

To our awesome artist...

To all the artist involved, there is not enough I can say to try and communicate the appreciation for you help in making this auction possible! A simple thank you can not express the gratitude that I have for all of you. All your time and hard work will not go unnoticed! From all of us in the 501st, THANK YOU!

Helmet bids!

- LOST helmet by JJ Abrams: $2500
- Tori Belleci from Mythbusters' helmet: $800
- Dan Bergren's TK-Flipper helmet: $250
- Jan Duursema's Sith Empire helmet: $1500
- Spencer Brinkerhoff: $250
- Jeremy Bulloch: $950
- Matt Busch Black Lagoon helmet: $600
- Joe Carroll helmet: $250
- Katie Cook's Doodle Helmet: $1750
- Joe Corroney's 501st Airborne Bomber: $900
- Melita Curphy Demon helmet: $1500
- Arturo Delgado Red Tail helmet: $1750
- Cory Lorenzen TK Mickey: $1000
- Nicole Falk TK Slimer: $750
- Matt & Shawn Fillbach TK Freebird: $550
- Dave Filoni Plo Koon: $1400
- John Gilliland WWII helmet: $550
- Grant Gould Hand of Sauron: $250
- Kevin Graham TK Pod: $1300
- Albin Johnson & Jerry Greene R2-TK: $600
- Chase Gustafson Warrior through the ages: $1300
- Nathan Hamill helmet: $700
- Jessica Hickman Nose Pinup: $450
- Tom Hodges To Mustafar and Back: $350
- Star Wars in Concert helmet: $1100
- Scott Kirkham TK RoSco: $300
- Karen K Jawa helmet: $650
- Tim Knapp Egyptian: $500
- Daniel Logan's Maori helmet: $3500
- Randy Martinez Lakers: $650
- Peter Mayhew "Chewied Up:" $1250
- Fanboys Kyle Newman helmet: $800
- Lawrence Noble Steampunk helmet: $1400
- William O'Neil TK Pharoah: $450
- Ray Park TK Maul: $2300
- Amy Provanost TK Ewok: $900
- Seth Green TK Titan: $600
- Brian Rood Steampunk: $800
- Tsuneo Sanda Jaguar helmet: $700
- Steve Sansweet Celebration helmet: $1150
- Jamie Snell Cheshire: $400
- Cat Staggs Tuskan helmet: $1200
- LFL Singapore helmet: $450
- James Taqmpa R2-TK: $600
- Denise Vasquez TK Avatar: $750
- 501st Helmet by Cathy Beningen: $800
- Kathy van Beuningen 501st Logo: $1400
- Jane Wiedlin Cylon Helmet: $550
- Scott Will IG-88: $700
- West Coast Choppers helmet: $1400
- Marc Wolfe Iron Man helmet: $1250
- Last Helmet! Nina Yankovic: $300

Auction was a huge success!

The auctions was a huge success! We raised over $50,000.00 for Make A Wish! 

Big thanks go out to everyone involved in making this auction awesome! EFX Collectibles, Florida Auctioneer Academy, Make A Wish, Lucasflim and the 501st. I really hope the funds raised will make a difference in a child's life! Also a thank you to all of you that have been following and spreading the word about the project! This was a giant team effort!

Chris Romines
TK Project Manager

Thursday, August 5, 2010

TK Project gets some web time on!

Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton has posted some details on the project over at!

Completed Helmet Alert - Lucasfilm Team Celebration Helmet

Lucasfilm has submitted its auction entry! He is the Team Celebration Helmet. Features images from all 5 Celebrations!

Completed Helmet Alert - Dave Filoni Plo Koon Helmet

Lucasfilm Clone Wars Director, Dave Filoni has completed his awesome bucket! I present the TK Plo Koon Helmet!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Tory Belleci/Mythbusters Viking Warrior Helmet

Tory from the Mythbusters has created his Ancient Helmet! Tag a look at the helmet info on the Discovery Channel Website!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - JJ Abrams LOST Helmet

J.J. Abrams and his LOST crew have submitted the LOST Helmet! Sign by J.J. JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuseand a few others!!! Painted by Amy Vatanakul

Completed Helmet Alert - Ray Park TK Maul Helmet

Ray Park, in association with Ken Caslis, Have answered an age old question! What would happen if Darth Maul put on a TK Helmet? Well now we know!

Completed Helmet Alert - William O'Neill TK Pharaoh Helmet

William O'Neill has gone old school on us. Say hello to the TK Pharaoh Helmet!

Completed Helmet Alert - Grant Gould Uruk-Hai Trooper Helmet

Completed Helmet Alert - Grant Gould has let his inner Lord of the Rings slip out! 
(Grant) I mixed my two nerdy loves - Star Wars and Lord of the Rings - and went with the "Uruk-Hai Trooper" helmet. Essentially it's supposed to be a weathered, slightly battle-worn, metal helmet with the White Hand of Saruman slapped across the front!

Completed Helmet Alert - Nina Yankovic Birdland Helmet

Our youngest artist, Nina Yankovic, has completed her Birdland Helmet. Makes me feel pretty inside! Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

Completed Halmet Alert - Spencer Brinkerhoff

Spencer Brinkerhoff has completed his....... well I don't know! Spencer is doing a 5 day build blog to show what he did on this helmet. So go visit his site and watch him build his bucket!!

Completed Helmet Alert - Daniel Bergren TK Flipper Helmet

501st Member and Lucasfilm Artist, Dan Bergren, has completed his TK Flipper Helmet.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Fillbach Brothers Captain Freebird Helmet

The Fillbach Brothers have gone all Patriotic on us!!! Say hello to the Captain Freebird Helmet Bucket!

Completed Helmet Alert - Katie Cook Doodle Helmet

Katie Cook has completed her ..... Doodle Helmet :)

I think it turned out really cute! i painted it one of my favorite colors... then went CRAZY doodling all over it. i think it SCREAMS "katie" and it's full of very silly little SW jokes. :)

Completed Helmet Alert - Jan Duursema Sith Empire Helmet

Jan Duursema has completed the Sith Empire Helmet!!! Ohhhhhh so Sithy!

Completed Helmet Alert - Arturo Delgado "Red Tail" Helmet

501st member Arturo Delgado has paid homage to the Tuskegee Airman of World War 2. I now present the Red Tails Helmet!

Completed Helmet Alert - Cat Staggs Tusken Trooper Helmet

Cat Staggs has shown the Tusken fans some love with her TK Tusken Trooper Helmet!!!!