Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Randy Martinez TK Laker's Helmet

Los Angeles Star Wars artist Randy Martinez is at it again! Not only has he created 13 pieces of promotional art for Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando Florida next month, he has done the unexpected. This popular artist has carried his true love for sports over into the science fiction genre. Demonstrating the love he has for his favorite basketball team, Randy Martinez has created a “Lakers Trooper” TK Helmet. When asked what inspired the idea, Randy said: “I am a huge Lakers fan, and the Lakers were right in the middle of playing for their 16th Championship against the Boston Celtics. I knew the Lakers were going to win the series, so I confidently started creating my salute to the Lakers defeat of the Celtics. I’m glad they won because I had already put 16 tally marks along the jaw representing each NBA Championship.”


Gregory silvius said...

To Randy Martinez this is absolutely awesome. My number 1 and 2 passion is life is The Lakers and Star Wars and I am not sure which is first. This year I got my first tattoo and it was a Lakers tattoo, you can check it out here, http://lakersfan4life.com

I got the outline at the start of the playoffs and the color during the suns series. I live here in Phoenix so it turned out perfect.

I am already planning my next tattoo that is going to be a Star Wars related back piece.

Anyway if you read this and have a chance to email me I would love to speak with you in regards to is absolutely AMAZING helmet.

My email is greg@lakersfan4life.com

Kobe-Wan said...

I saw this Lakers helmet at CV & fell in love. I heard it was going to be up for auction but I never confirmed that info. Did it sell? Is there any way I can pay you to make me one of these? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

My email adress is: Podrcng@hotmail.com