Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Art Auctions are up!

A few of the artist involved with the TK Project have donated some special art to the project. These auctions will help us raise funds for shipping and promotion of the project.

I would like to thank the following artist for donating prints!

Amy Provonost
Randy Martinez
Tom Hodges
Tsuneo Sanda

501st TK Project Ebay Auctions

Monday, April 20, 2009

501st TK Project Art Auction

501st TK Project artist John Giilliand and IGT have donated. some very special and rare art work to the project.

These items are just like pinball glass from pin ball machines except they are from the slot machines. The big sign panels are used in the signs that go over the group of slot machines. They have never been released to the public for sale. These machines will never be offered for sale either. When they are brought back to the factory they are dismantled and the parts are destroyed. The Casinos can't even buy them. They are placed by the manufacturer and the casinos pay a daily fee and receive a portion of the coin in. It's a bizarre arrangement and makes these very collectible. The only pieces that exist outside of the actual machines are the 10-15 artists proofs that are made in the beginning. After that about 1000 machines are made and unless those parts are stolen they are all destined for destruction. As far as the sign panels go, it's the same except there are far less of them. So this is a very rare opportunity. These are the only parts ever offered to the public specifically for this charity

1 Large sign panel from the Multi-level Progressive R2 D2 Bank. This is a huge digital print on plexiglass and measures 25” X 74”. It features Drew Struzan art combined in to a single Star Wars saga presentation.

2 sets of single face sign panels from the shorter version of the sign for the MLP. digital print on plexiglass Each side is 24” X 36”. They Feature Drew Struzan art combined into a single Star Wars saga presentation.

1 Star Wars A New Hope Glass. This is actual printed glass right out of the IGT slot machine . This was the first Star Wars slot machine that IGT released. Measures aproximately 9" X 20".

1 Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Glass. This is actual printed glass right out of the IGT slot machine . Measures aproximately 9" X 20".

1 Star Wars Dark Side Glass. The third release from IGT. This is actual printed glass right out of the IGT slot machine . Measures aproximately 9" X 20".

1 Rebel Assault sign panel artist proof. This is a large full size print of the sign panel for Rebel Assault.

1 Rebel Assault glass artist proof. Full size digital print . Less than 10 of these artist proofs exist.

Please visit the site John has put up for this auction...

Folks, get the word out! This is a very rare opportunity for Star Wars collectors!!!

Big thanks to John and IGT for donating these cool and very rare pieces for the cause!

501st TK Project Lead