Saturday, July 31, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Chase Gustafson Warrion Helmet

501st Member Chase Gustafson and created a Warrior thru the Ages Helmet. This helmet is a memorial to 6 different warrior cultures.

Completed Helmet Alert - Nicole Falk Slime Helmet

Ok Ghostbuster fans, hide your food cause here comes the Slime Trooper! Nicole Falk has outdone herself on the gross Ghost!!!

Completed Helmet Alert - James Tampa R2-TK Helmet

501st Member James Tampa has completed the R2-TK Helmet!

Completed Helmet Alert - Daniel Logan Maori Helmet

Daniel Logan has completed his Maori Trooper Helmet. He had some help from good friends: Shawna M. Hogan-Moore (Red Elk), Darcienne Sparber & Michael Moore (HMS Creative Productions).

Completed Helmet Alert - Nathan Hamill Helmet

Nathan Hamill has completed his contribution to the TK Project!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Jessica Hickman Bomber Nose Art Helmet

Jessick Hickman has completed the Bomber Nose Art Helmet!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Lee Stringer (CG Supervisor for Lucasfilm Singapore and the Clone Wars TV Series) presents the Singapore Battalion Helmet. The paintjob is a combination of the Singapore flag along with the Clone War ‘worn and chipped’ look.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

John Gilliland Nexu Squad Helmet

Complete Helmet Alert - John Gilliland has completed his World War 2 P-51 Mustang Fighter Aircraft inspired paint job. Say hello to the Nexu Squad Helmet!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Albin Johnson TK R2 Helmet

Albin Johnson and Jerry Greene have completed the TK R2 Helmet!
 As a fellow droid owner, me LIKEY!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Melita Curphy TK Demon Helmet

The devilish Melita Curphy has completed the TK Demon Helmet! Man this thing is scary........

The horns/teeth, etc are hand sculpted from epoxy clay. The helmet was painted with acrylic with several layers of wet/dry airbrushing. The forehead eye has been painted with flourescent orange and will glow in certain light. The mohawk is made from high quality National Fiber Technology hair that i hand dyed.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Completed Helmet Alert - Randy Martinez TK Laker's Helmet

Los Angeles Star Wars artist Randy Martinez is at it again! Not only has he created 13 pieces of promotional art for Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando Florida next month, he has done the unexpected. This popular artist has carried his true love for sports over into the science fiction genre. Demonstrating the love he has for his favorite basketball team, Randy Martinez has created a “Lakers Trooper” TK Helmet. When asked what inspired the idea, Randy said: “I am a huge Lakers fan, and the Lakers were right in the middle of playing for their 16th Championship against the Boston Celtics. I knew the Lakers were going to win the series, so I confidently started creating my salute to the Lakers defeat of the Celtics. I’m glad they won because I had already put 16 tally marks along the jaw representing each NBA Championship.”

Completed Helmet Alert - Noble Studios RED DOG-3

The RED DOG-3 Helmet was built by Noble Studio. It was a collaboration between Lawrence Noble and his long time Apprentice, Shane Curran. It is a debut work for Shane and Noble Studio couldn’t be prouder of his efforts.

      After discussions about basic concept and direction, as well as several trips to thrift stores, antique shops and the local hardware store, we had several meetings about what to use and how it should work. Shane produced concept sketches based on our talks. We reviewed the sketches, tightening up our ideas, and then proceeded to apply the pieces we found to the helmet. We wanted it to look like everything we added had a purpose, or reason for being. The dreadlocks at one time, were part of Shane’s hair. When he cut them off, he saved them, and I think we put them to good use! 

     As far as materials, we used a real variety. Leather, brass, plastic. copper and black walnut were predominate. Acrylic paint was applied to the basic form of the helmet, and found objects (boy, those were wonderful surprises!) made a huge difference. I think the addition of real human hair added another level and dimension.

    The entire process took about 60 man hours, including false turns and deliberation. We allowed the freedom to change our minds in deference to a more rewarding solution done differently than first imagined… I think that set up a scenario that allowed “Art” to unfold. All along the way, Shane displayed an open mind and determination that was rewarding to see and, I believe, we came up with a helmet and a backstory about the character Red Dog-3  that we can all be proud of!

    This effort, on behalf of the 501st and the “Make a Wish Foundation”
afforded a sweet opportunity for Noble Studio to embark on a dream…