Friday, August 22, 2008

Project status 8-21-2008

This project is about 2 weeks old. Here are the events I need to work on..

1. 501st - Received permission to continue with the project.
2. Lucasfilm - Email sent for various request.
3. Helmets - John Bush has agreed to donate ALL the helmets.
4. Bases - Damien Metz has agreed to produce the helmet bases.
5. Corporate Sponsors - We will need a few corporate sponsors to help with some shipping and packaging cost. Someone is helping with that.
6. Helpers - Will be looking for a couple helpers to help with some coordination of events.
7. Private donations - We may open to private donation from 501st members to help with the materials and shipping cost.

I do not have a auction date yet. We are looking at doing the auction at C5 and we are in talks with Lucasfilm about that. We will need a lot of time to get all the helmets shipped to our HM's and have them worked on. Once they are done, I will secure the helmets untill the auction.

Please standby for more info...

So Cal Garrison


Terri Hodges said...

Do we need to wait for an invite or is there a place for an artist to volunteer to participate?
I know an artist who is very interested!

-Terri Hodges-

Army Scout said...

Hi Terri,
Please email me at