Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic Con 2009

I was invited to go to Comic Con 2009 in San Diego California. So I took some time and did a little promoting for the TK Project and visited a few of our artist. So while I was there, I showed off the Jesse James helmet at the 501st booth. Bryan Ono from Efx Collectiables also invited me to show the helmet off at their booth at the Lucasfilm Pavilion. After the EFX crew put the bucket on display, I heard nothing but great comments about the helmet and was asked where the rest were! This project is about to take off and you are all invited to the lauch party :)

The West Coast Chopper helmet along side a Regular trooper helmet at the EFX booth.
Stan Stice, author of The Art of Ralph McQuarrie book, trying on the bucket!
Bryan Ono and the bucket!
Another big thanks to Bryan and EFX for the awsome donation of the helmets!!!

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